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Dog Grooming - Dog Teeth Cleaning

Come in and let us pamper your pet with a soothing, aloe and oatmeal bath, blow out and paw pedicure. Or maybe you’re in need of a medicated bath to help rid your pup of those stubborn fleas that have been driving him crazy. Maybe your pet is strong-willed and difficult, making bath time a dreaded experience for you both. If so, let our experienced staff take care of everything, saving you the hassle and the mess.  We offer a variety of different types of baths, nail trim and file, ear cleanings—surface or deep cleaning and flushing—dog teeth cleaning, teeth brushing, deep dental cleanings with fluoride polishing and anal gland expression.

Pet Grooming Pet Grooming Pet Grooming

"Very friendly staff, helpful and reliable treatment for all of our pets. Recommend to everyone! Thank You!" - Anonymous

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