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Every pet is unique and so is their health, breed and geriatric condition.

Our highly trained staff can help you assess the optimum nutrition plan for your pet!

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Nutrition Plans

Here at ACAH, we exclusively offer Hill’s Prescription Diet and Science Diet products. For every medical condition or stage of life, there is a specialized diet, tailored specifically to fit your pet’s nutritional needs. We are proud to partner with Hill’s in an effort to help educate pet parents on nutrition management. This includes the nutritional demands of their pets, recommended feeding amounts, the risks associated with unhealthy feeding habits and the benefits of a nutritionally balanced diet that is perfectly suited for your pet’s age, size and condition.


Whether you have an energetic and youthful pet, a senior pet suffering from a geriatric condition, or one with failing health, due to an illness or medical disorder, all can benefit from the advantages of a specialized or prescription diet. Let our trained staff assist you in assembling the optimum nutrition plan for your four legged family member. You get the peace of mind that you are adding years to his or her life and your pet gets the satisfaction of indulging in a delicious meal!

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